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What to do:


1. Register your windows online following this link


2. Receive your free info pack with lots of window ideas and browse the galleries online https://www.windowwanderland.com/ (Window Wanderland started in Bristol and is now international!)


3. Join in with some of Shepton's Community Windows: come along to some of the community workshops to find out more about some window ideas and useful materials (flyer below with more info) or follow us here: Make the SunshineFaceBook Instagram The Art Bank Facebook Instagram  - Read our Top Tips for window makers here


4. Think up a fun display. Work on your own or work with your neighbours or create something with friends or family. You can use it to say something special, or have fun, or share information about your organisation. The only rule is that it must be family friendly! 


5. From the 5th - 8th March light up windows - it could be a simple string of fairy lights, or a creative displays using tissue paper and black paper, or a display of toys... it can be very simple or very ambitious. The only aim is that it should be fun! 

6. Go out and enjoy some of the other windows in your neighbourhood.

We would be so grateful if you could support this event by sharing it online and sending info to your neighbours and Shepton organisations you think might be interested (flyers attached).


If you can help share any flyers to your road or neighbourhood that would be amazing. These will be available to collect from The Art Bank, The Library and local orgs (or we can drop to you) if you email us and let us know which area you can do that would be great and save duplication!