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Call out for Makers


We are looking for a range of artists, prop and theatre-makers, musicians, animators and local crafts people to work in local schools and help create a range of commissions with students - the deadline to apply is Wednesday 23rd February 2022.

We are with six primary schools across Shepton Mallet and have five commissions for artists to create a series of exciting pieces of performance and visual art inspiring social change on a local and regional level.

We want to commission professional artists to work with young people to help bring their ideas and vision to life.

We are looking for skilled practitioners who can harness young imaginations and bring a sense of wonder and possibility into classrooms and who can support students to create something truly memorable. This opportunity is open to more emerging practitioners too. 

The focus of the commissions below have been designed by young people and Arts Ambassadors in schools.

To apply please send us

Your CV or some info about you and fill in the short one page application form letting us know about your idea (or you can send us a 2 min video instead if you would prefer)  plus a summary budget – we need to receive these by the 23rd February.

Schools and our Youth Arts Ambassadors will make a final selection. We are especially keen to work with local artists.

Key Information

  • For each commission we are looking for an artist to steer and guide the activity and lead some create sessions (with support of teaching staff)

  • Students are able to develop work, practice and rehearse between sessions.

  • We can undertake preparatory work – e.g. asking questions of the community / schools prior to sessions

  • We can support with supplying or preparing materials

  • We are aiming for all of the creative sessions to take place in person in schools wherever possible.

  • Volunteer support can be provided in workshops.

  • For some delivery will be weekly sessions, for others it could be in half day blocks

  • We are aware the budget for this is limited and these opportunities are therefore primarily aimed at local artists - we are open to suggestions as to which elements artists support and which elements are conceived, rehearsed and developed in schools.


CHANGE: Improving our community by creating a piece of art for the local care home

ARTFORM: Craft / Visual Arts

CREATING: Creating a piece of art for a local care home. Ideally we are looking for an artist to explore mark making and collage – working with the whole school to create a large picture to display in the local residential home.

ARTISTS: 100 students age 4-7 at Bowlish Infant School


CHANGE: Promoting kindness

ART FORM: Film / Animation

CREATING: Creating a film or animation or creating a campaign that we can share to promote kindness

ARTISTS: 55 students age 7-11 at Croscombe C of E Primary School


CHANGE: Raise awareness of refugees

ART FORM: Puppetry / Drama

CREATING: Working with students to create a giant puppet(s) to raise awareness of the plight of refugees and a short, staged piece of movement / drama with the puppet

ARTISTS: 90 students age 7-11 (one year group) at St Paul’s C of E VC Júnior School


CHANGE: Bringing friendship, joy and hope to the local community in Doulting

ART FORM: Visual Arts / Sculpture

CREATING:  It could be a trail, it could be a campaign, it could be an installation or new initiative… we are hoping to use visual arts or sculpture to bring friendship, hope and joy to the local community in Doulting (just outside of Shepton Mallet)

ARTISTS: 160 students ages 4-11 at St Aldhelm’s VA Church Primary School


CHANGE: Promoting kindness


Creating: A recording or film of a piece of music to promote kindness

ARTISTS 15-20 students at Stoke St Michael Primary School


CHANGE: Litter / the environment


CREATING: Creating a piece of music and staging a performance that challenges litter locally

ARTISTS: 40 students aged 6-7 at Shepton Mallet Infants School

This programme of work has been made possible by Shepton Mallet Town Council, Mendip District Council and local schools who we work with.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch 

Thank you so much – we look forward to working with you!

Instagram: @makethesunshinecic

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