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Postcards of Change Exhibition

How could you make the world a better place?

If you could make one simple change - big or small - what would it be?

An exhibition of postcards from primary aged children about ways they would like to change the world.

We are inviting children to either draw, collage or paint their ideas onto a postcard, which will be posted back to us and then displayed in a group exhibition 'Postcards of Change' in July in venues across Shepton.

The Theme

Students ideas should focus on how we can change the world based on the themes of kindness, support and care - both for each other and the environment.

Postcards can be landscapes or portraits, paint or collage, they can be literal or abstract - they can use symbols (eg a listening ear to show supporting and caring for each other) or be very realistic. The only theme is that they should capture one simple (or complex!) way of making the world a better place. 


How it works

We will provide the postcards, coloured frames and labels for each artwork, as well as a selection of videos from local artists giving examples and ideas on how to create the images on the postcards

Postcards can be posted back or we can arrange collection from your school, and will have public postboxes to collect artwork available at the library. Packs will need to be returned by the 24th of June.

The exhibition is being organised by Jasmine Collings on behalf of Make the Sunshine. The idea is to develop on our collaborative project and find out ideas from the young people of Mendip about ways to make the world a better place, and what better way than through creativity!


Watch the launch video here

How to sign up with Postcards of Change?

1. Email confirming you'd like to participate in the project and how many children you would like to take part - it could be the whole school or just one class.


2. We will send you postcard and frame packs for each child participating, plus video links from professional artists to give some extra ideas on how you might make your postcard and what kind of materials you could use 


3. Each student to complete their postcard of change and also to fill in the label with their name, age, the title of their work and a short sentence on what inspired it


4. Let us know when you have completed your postcards and either send them back or we will arrange collection!


5. Families can come and see their school / child’s work exhibited in Shepton Mallet venues in mid-July

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