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Can you support us?

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We are a not for profit organisation and we rely on support from trusts and foundations and grant givers to make our work happen.

From bringing theatre and creativity into playgrounds, town centres and care homes, to free community workshops and programmes. Our work involves bringing magic and creativity back into the community to improve social connection and boost imagination and wellbeing. We specialise in intergenerational work and bringing marginalised voices to the fore and allowing young people to share their vision of the future.

If you could help support our work you can donate here. All donations go towards community projects in Mendip.

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Community makers and shakers!

We are always looking for new theatre and dance companies, performers and artists to come into schools and community settings. We have a wide range of opportunities coming up.


If you would be interested in working with us do drop us an email and let us know a bit about you

We are also looking for volunteers to support our programmes in Shepton Mallet and across Mendip. If you would like to get involved or find out more email us to get in touch

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