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The Happiness Hunt Creative Videos!

Beth shares a bit about her work with the Poetry Machine and some ideas on how to start writing your first poem about a moment that matters to you! (Photo credit of Beth in action with her Poetry Machine: Amanda Thomas)

PaddleBoat Theatre Company present The Great British Bake Off - Happiness Cake Week! What ingredients would you include in a happiness cake? How would you mix them together? PaddleBoat share a beautiful video to get local primary schools inspired!

Artist Claire Evans from Small World animations shares how to create a paper doll of someone you love. Here she re-creates her old teacher Mrs Julian sharing some of the special experiences that they have shared.

Tall Tails Theatre Company take younger viewers on a Happiness Hunt - exploring sights, sounds, smells and textures of things that inspire you and bring you happiness!

Artist and educator Fiona Campbell shares this beautiful video exploring using collage and recycled materials to re-create natural forms, plants and trees to make a collage inspired by things that make you happy. 

Join artist Clare Barr aka Mad Things in her amazing artists studio as she collates objects she finds to make an amazing Happiness Puppet inspired by animals that bring her happiness!

What do orange squash and poetry have in common? Find out in this brilliant video from Tor Theatre Company - giving primary school students The Professor's Guide to Happy Poetry!

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