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Developing the story - 900 voices!

It's been a truly amazing experience speaking to nearly1000 children in Shepton Mallet. Working with storyteller David Reakes we have worked with students across all six schools to use their ideas to create a story about a young girl who travels from Shepton Mallet out into many different lands - as well as learning lots about herself she also learns lots about the world and her own community at home.

Its been amazing to find out what chidlren find special about shepton, what gives them hope, their incredible imaginations. We've also talked lots about where we feel the world is going. It was an eye opener to see that over 80% of students thought the world would be a worse place in 100 years time. This sense seemed to gravitate around climate change and politics - Brexit was mentioned a lot, even by five and six year olds! We talked about why Rosie might have left and why she came back - but to find out the final story you'll have to come and see the show!

Probably the most special thing about the experience was hearing all the imaginative ideas - from circus's in the sky, to the great sea-war of Shepton Mallet, to Rosie's 9 pet dogs! The ideas that come when you can set your mind free and open up possibilities were wonderful! We now have the words of 900 children to type up and weave together to create our magical plot!

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