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Investigative Journalism in the Playground!

A brilliant day with PaddleBoat Theatre in Shepton Mallet schools yesterday telling the incredible story of Clare Hollingworth and the scoop of the century.

We learnt all about what being a good journalist means, about following your dreams, believing in yourself and the importance of telling and creating our own stories. We also learnt lots about feminism and championing unheard voices.

A total tour-de-force of brilliant creative theatre. We loved the journalist research in playgrounds before school - some compelling stories in Shepton: dogs that can do backflips on trampolines! Book reading records and reports are in that the Bowlish train goes on a direct route to London! Great to hear the true story of the lady who broke info about the outbreak of WW2 in the British press. Thank you PaddleBoat for an amazing day.

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