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700 Students, 24 workshops - Shepton's story

Over the past two weeks Storyteller David Reakes has led seven storytelling assemblies - sharing a variety of familiar tales and introducing students to the key elements of storytelling - a beginning, middle, end, developing character, plot, suspense.

Each group then had the opportunity to work with David who has been supporting students to start creating a collective performance between all six schools. David facilitated 24 workshops, discussions and creative sessions asking students key questions about Shepton Mallet. St Paul's were developing the main character Rosie's feelings and back story - asking what would you miss if you left home and set off on a two year voyage with no family, few home comforts and no idea of what you might encounter? How would you feel? Scared? Excited? The internet would be missed. It was up there!! Playing computer games, playing with toys, having your own bed, pets and family - the smell of home, hugs from your mum, playing with your friends... In fact we realised most of us would miss some of the things we sometimes find hard - annoying little brothers, sisters who take our things, being told off, doing work at school! it was lovely to hear what the students valued about Shepton Mallet too - feeling safe, having a local community.

These storteller sessions have been funded by Literature Works annual Fund.

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