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A deadly Cockatrice seen lurking...

Mumblecrust Theatre, The Tale of The Cockatrice

On Wednesday 6th November, 3:45pm

FREE after school show at St Paul's school

Deep in the vaults of an ancient priory a hideous creature awakens. A deadly cockatrice is born! Bold knights flee in terror… Can a humble nun defeat the beast?

Award-Winning Mumblecrust Theatre presented two muddle-headed storytellers, an obscure British legend, breathtaking puppetry and spine-tingling live music in this dark and winding fable for monster-lovers young and old. The Tale of the Cockatrice is based on a legend from British Folklore. Combining myth and history, sophisticated puppetry, object theatre and live original music in a dramatic tale aimed at ages 7-11 years. This show was attended by over 100 people!

Young theatre goers loved meeting the Cockatrice and seeing how it was made. St Paul's school also got their own performance and the chance to find out some behind the scenes tricks and information! Thank you Mumblecrust for a brilliant day!

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