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Stones and Bones, Collett Park, Saturday 18th May

On the Saturday 18th May dinosaurs return to Collett Park in Shepton Mallet as the park hosts two FREE performances for local families of Stones and Bones by Squashbox Theatre.

Made possible by funding from Shepton Mallet Town Council and the Arts Council these performances are part of Bowlish Infant School's All the World's Our Playground Programme and are FREE and open to all the family. There will be two shows at 11am and 3pm (plus some pop-up theatre 30mins before each show). Shows take place by the Bandstand and are aimed at 5-11 year olds.

Find out all about archaeology and fossils, say hello to one of your stone-age ancestors, hear stories of giants and wizards, see a volcano erupting before your very eyes, and maybe even catch sight of a dinosaur or two!

Squashbox Theatre will take the audience on a journey to Ancient Cornwall:

A land of fiery volcanoes and strange prehistoric creatures…

A land of myth and legend, giants and druids…

A land of ancient stone circles and mysterious monuments…

A land of Stones and Bones…

There will be thrills and spills galore, but also lots of laughs, plenty of puppets, songs, slapstick, tall tales and crazy characters – all presented in that unique Squashbox style!

As well as the amazing Squashbox Theatre, Shepton Mallet’s very own theatre company Tall Tails will be warming audiences up with walkabout theatre 30 minutes before each show.

Audiences can meet Madame Carol Sell and her friend Mr Popsy who will be perusing Collett Park to see what fine folk are about... Stick around long enough and you will discover that they are fabulous dancers hoping to share their skills with… well anybody really! Join in with their dances, share your own moves and enjoy a fabulous pop up party like no other!

So bring your dance moves, your picnics and your young dinosaur explorers for a fabulous day of free theatre in Collett Park!

Shepton-based Tall Tails Theatre Company

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