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Storytelling sessions in schools

What would happen if Mary Poppins met Gangsta Granny? We've been in schools all week with storyteller David Reakes. After an amazing assembly re-telling a collective story of the three keys where students name the characters and try and figure out the riddle classes started to develop their own story ideas. We were totally blown away by their imaginations.

Children at St Aldhelm’s have been creating a magical island where Rosie from Shepton Mallet visits. It’s a land where stories come to life! “As the ship sails in Rosie sees a girl eating porridge, and then she realises its Goldilocks!” Another group of students created “Genre Island” where Rosie had to get through comic world, Where’s Wally wetlands, dictionary-forest, famous five avenue, Atlas territory and How to Train Your Dragon Kingdom to escape! The wicked queen tries to find Charlie (and the chocolate river), Rapunzel meets Horrid Henry and Captain Hook bumps into Pinocchio! Excited to see how it develops... Thanks to Literature Works for funding to bring David into schools! This is part of All the World's Our Playground

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