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The Scoop of the Century!

It’s just 10 days until the super-creative-fearsomely-inventive PaddleBoat Theatre come to Shepton Mallet. They’ve been a regular of our Plays in the Playground programme - they specialise in creating such touching, visual and engaging theatre. We’re really excited about their up-coming show Claire Hollingworth and the Scoop of the Century. This National Lottery Heritage funded show is set in August 29th 1939 an tells the story of a British journalist’s big scoop.

A young, intrepid journalist crossed over the border from Poland to Germany. There, she saw something that would change her life and history forever.

PaddleBoat Theatre Company present the tale of fearless journalist Clare Hollingworth. From the busy newspaper offices in London to the frontline during World War II, Clare's adventures tell the remarkable true story of one of the most important writers of our time.

This globe-trotting and playful family show embarks on the journey of Clare's life. A life-story which has been forgotten for years. We'll celebrate the work of a pioneer who changed the mould of journalism, not just for women but for everyone.

PaddleBoat bring their unique style to this remarkable tale of daring, intrigue and an invasion that would rock the world. Children are invited to be journalists with Paddleboat as we go undercover in a highly interactive show bursting with storytelling, songs and the scoop of the century! This performance will be shared with Bowlish Infant School, St Aldhelm’s Croscombe and Stoke St Michael

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